Active Security

Smart contract security shouldn't stop once your contract has been deployed. We're here to protect you from threats yet to arise, autonomously adding another layer to your security chain.

Protect Your Contracts with Precision

Protect your smart contracts with Skylock's monitoring service. Our system uses contract-specific machine learning anomaly detection techniques to detect malicious transactions in real-time. With a 70% true positive rate and a low false positive rate of 0.0005%, you can trust our technology to secure your assets. In the event of a malicious transaction, you'll receive a notification within 10 seconds, allowing you to take action.

Lightning-Fast Defenses

Ensure the security of your smart contract assets with Skylock's contract defence service. Our technology analyzes transaction call data and identifies malicious transactions in real time, protecting your assets before they can be stolen. To do this, we analyze the hack transaction and automatically replicate its actions, intercepting it and white-hat hacking your protocol automatically. Because of this, we can't take action unless a hacker has already. Trust Skylock to defend your contracts.

Experience Innovative Smart Contract Security

Join Skylock's beta program to experience our solution for protecting smart contracts from malicious transactions. Our technology uses statistical methods to detect potential hacks and transfers your funds to a secure address for added protection. By participating in our beta program, you'll have the chance to use this technology and provide feedback to our team. We simply need a list of EVM smart contract addresses, your contact information, and a secure address. Improve the security of your smart contracts with Skylock.

Join the Beta Program