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Don't let the Hackers Win

Skylock is the last line of defence for DeFi protocols against on-chain exploits. We detect malicious transactions, intercept them, and return funds safely to their rightful owners.
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Skylock is your Protocol's “Last Line of Defence”

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Skylock monitors the chain and immediately detects new malicious transactions targeting your smart contract.

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Skylock front-runs the hack, draining your protocol of vulnerable funds while minimizing damage done by the attacker.

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Skylock automatically secures the exfiltrated funds in a safe harbor wallet, protecting them until they can be returned.

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No Privileged Access

Skylock can protect your funds without any privileged access to your technology. If the hackers don't need it, then neither do we.

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Strong Detection Rate

Our technology detects 80% of malicious transactions before they happen. We can successfully front-run up to 40% of all technical vulnerability exploits.

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Pay Only When Protected

Skylock charges a bounty on recovered funds. We only get paid after protecting your protocol.

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Enlist Skylock's advanced protection services today and safeguard your assets alongside over $1 billion in already secured funds.
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