Our Mission

Secure Web3.

Skylock works to defend Web3 projects from digital threats by safeguarding your smart contracts using our machine learning tools that detect, identify, and intercept potential attacks.

Secure your Protocol


Ensuring smart contract security

Skylock works by automatically identifying and intercepting malicious transactions targeting your smart contracts. Using our state-of-the art machine learning techniques, we detect anomalous transactions for your smart contract. This means our techniques can alert you of both well-known attacks and zero-day exploits.

Once a hack is detected, we use the attack vector discovered by the hacker to drain your protocol's funds into a safe address. We require no special access to your smart contracts since we can reverse-engineer the hacker's transaction on-the-fly.

Our Solution

Instantly intercepting threats


Skylock monitors on-chain events in real-time. We automatically detect transactions that interact with your smart contract.


Skylock analyses each transaction using our state of the art machine learning hack detection software, automatically alerting you of any potential threats.


Upon detecting a malicious transaction Skylock automatically intercepts the transaction, taking measures to drain your protocol's funds to a safe address.

Our Backers

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