Empowering Whitehats,
Protecting Protocols

Join forces with whitehats through the Safe Harbor initiative to create a robust defence against hacks.





Why Safe Harbor?

Over the past year, more than $2 billion was lost to crypto hacks. The Safe Harbor initiative seeks to reduce these losses by enabling whitehats to protect vulnerable funds. By joining, protocols can set up clear asset recovery procedures, including recovery addresses and bounty terms. This initiative provides legal protection for whitehats, allowing them to secure at-risk assets without fear of legal consequences. Ultimately, it offers protocols enhanced security from third-party whitehats at no additional cost.


How it Works?

The Safe Harbor initiative functions similarly to a bug bounty program but focuses on active exploits—situations where a vulnerability is currently being exploited by a malicious actor. By pre-establishing a framework for responding to active exploits, whitehats will have clarity on how to act and will be more likely to intervene.


Review and Decide

Protocols evaluate the Safe Harbor agreement and decide on key terms, such as in-scope assets and reward structures.


Governance Proposal

For DAOs, a governance proposal is created and voted on to adopt the Safe Harbor agreement.



Include the agreement in the protocol’s website terms of service and execute an on-chain governance transaction to formalize the adoption.

Interested in Joining?

Step 1

View the protocols that have already signed up and learn about their agreements.

View Safe Harbor database

Step 2

Use our onboarding pipeline to sign up for Skylock Firewall and the Safe Harbor Agreement

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For a comprehensive guide on adopting the Safe Harbor initiative, refer to our detailed written guide