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Safe Harbor - For Security Professionals


Jul 05, 2024

All else has failed, user funds are about to be lost, and no hope remains. It’s one of your clients.

But this is when the Safe Harbour Agreement kicks in. It acts as a last line of defense for protocols facing multi-million dollar losses, enabling whitehats to race against black-hat hackers and save your client’s user funds before it’s too late.

Despite all the effort that we as a crypto community have made to build layers of defense for our clients, sooner or later those layers can fail, and our client’s funds are at stake. It’s time to create an additional layer of defense - The Safe Harbor Agreement!

The Safe Harbour Agreement is a framework designed to offer legal protection to whitehats assisting in the recovery of assets during active exploits. Spearheaded by the Security Aliance, the initiative is one part in their wider effort to secure the future of crypto.

Auditors and bug bounty programs are pillars of trust in crypto. As trusted advisors, your endorsement and proactive integration of the Safe Harbor Agreement into security protocols is vital. SEAL has been developing this framework for two years. They’ve got the best minds in the industry to craft this agreement to perfection. Now, as we launch, your role is more critical than ever. We need your help to encourage widespread adoption of the Safe Harbor Agreement.

Helping Safe Harbor Adoption

We need all the help to push for Safe Harbor Adoption. Below are some suggestions on how you can help.

  • Integrate into security workflows. Whether if it’s at the end of the audit, or after they’ve filled out the bug bounty program, encourage your client to adopt the Safe Harbor Agreement. Highlight that it’s part of best security practices.
  • Tell previous clients. If you have any routine communications with previous clients, whether it be checkups, when they update their bounty terms, or through newsletters you can shill previous clients about integrating Safe Harbor and playing a key role in security of the crypto ecosystem.
  • Directing large protocols to SEAL. If you have clients with large TVLs which would benefit from a white glove experience (ie. it would take a lot of effort to push through their DAO proposal), tell us, the SEAL Safe Harbor team. We can guide them through their adoption with a white glove experience.
  • Amplify the message. Spread the word! Retweeting, writing a blog, or even creating a twitter space to help push adoption. Anything you’re comfortable with to help drive adoption!


  • Safe Harbor Agreement - The legal agreement
  • Safe Harbor Adoption Checklist - For protocols who want to do the entire process end to end themselves, they can use this checklist for a comprehensive step-by-step guide
  • Safe Harbor Adoption Tool - Instead of protocols doing each step themselves and generating templates, we’ve created an onboarding website which will walk them step by step through the process guiding them through the process
  • Communication Kit: Use our communication resources including logos, fact sheets, quotes, and a one pager to help you communicate. (let us know if you want anything else, we can add it to the kit!)
  • Us! Ping us in Discord, or email us at [email protected], or [email protected]. We’re always ready to help!
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